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MobiCart is a simple way for you to build and manage your e-commerce store into an m-commerce right! MobiCart can works on its own, or linked up to your existing website. MobiCart is a startup that is taking m-commerce to a new level of personalization by enabling anyone to quickly deploy a native storefront application on iOS and Android devices as well as HTML5. MobiCart combines a customized application development platform with an online ecosystem for sharing extensions.


About MobiCart: The company is located in Silicon Alley (UK) and California..Didnt know about the Silicon Alley..quite funny =) British 😉 Since this is pure E-commerce the focus on the information below is on this if you want to create just apps for your blog, website etc there are more suitable options. IF the information isnt enough they have a really good website with lots of info..


Platforms: Native iPhone app builder, Native iPad app builder, Native Android app builder, HTML5 web app builder


Administrations: Powerful Content management system (CMS), Manage multiple mobile devices from one location, Automatic app updates, Custom domain name for HTML5 web app, Sales and trends reports, Submit apps under your own Apple/Google developer accounts, Seamless integration with your current store, .CSV product importer, Generate your API key


Store settings: Country/State Tax and shipping rates, Language packs for the admin and each mobile device, Product stock options, Your store in any currency, Manage app store vitals, Synchronised product catalog, Store locator with Google map, Tracking numbers, Shipping status and carrier.



Pricing model: The options are: Free plan, Basic plan, Starter Plan and Pro Plan.


  • Free: Basic plan with same features limited to 10 products.


  • Basic: Native iPhone app builder, 100 product limit, No setup fees, No transaction fees, Unlimited app downloads, Community support, Automatic updates Options; You submit your iPhone app to Apple – FREE, We submit your iPhone app for you – $19 per month, (Includes FREE Apple developer account – $99)


  • Starter: Basic plan features+, 2,000 product limit, No setup fees, Dedicated email support, Native iPad app builder, Native Android app builder, HTML5 web app builder, Options; You submit your 4 apps to Apple & Google – FREE, We submit your 4 apps for you – $29 per month, (Includes FREE Apple/Google developer accounts – $124)


  • Pro: Basic & Starter plan features+, Unlimited product limit, No setup fees, Priority email support, Priority chat support, Access to source code, MobiCart branding removal, Options; You submit your 4 apps to Apple & Google – FREE, We submit your 4 apps for you – $29 per month, (Includes FREE Apple/Google developer accounts – $124)


Payment methods: ZooZ Credit/Debit cards, PayPal Mobile, Cash on delivery (collect in store), Catalog only mode


Appearance: Live app previews, Select your color scheme, Choose your tabs, Upload your company logo, Upload your app icon and images, Build your store pages, Your store in any language


Product settings: Intuitive touchcreen UI, Intelligent search, Product image gallery, Featured products, Custom products options/variants, Customer reviews & ratings, Add product to wishlist, Watch YouTube videos, Tell a friend, Product sorting options, Product flags, Shipping & tax estimates


Developer features: Get access to the source code, Powerful API to work with, Build and sell add-ons, Get featured as a partner, White label plan coming soon.


MobiCart Add-Ons: Prestashop, Magento, Opencart, Twitter, WordPress, Xcart, PayPal etc etc..


Custom accounts: Mobile customer accounts, View order history, Check order status, View wish list, Edit account information


Marketing: Send unlimited push notifications, Send push notifications within a mile radius of any Zip/Postcode, Promotional banners, Sale products, Percentage discounts, Send news bulletins, Import RSS blog feed, Import Twitter feed


E-commerce connectors: Integrates with your existing website, Synchronization of your store catalog, Synchronization of your stock/orders, Rich selection of configuration options


Reference case: According to them as per today 10,000+ companies use MobiCart







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MobiCart also arrange own webinars from time to time. Visit their website for more info.


Have you used MobiCart? What do you think? If so, please vote for Mobicart on our App Poll.

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  1. Patrick Hafner 6 years ago

    I’m looking to hire someone who has integrated a website to mapplication. If you have done this email me….

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