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Promised in my last and first blog message to write something about me for those interested. So the short version, 34 years of age, app fanatic, major in economics and marketing, working in the finance sector in Sweden where I also live. 2 kids and a gf now left me for Dubai, however just for 4 days =)

The app interest and the app market is so fascinating I think..the fastest growing market in history..What will happen in the future, where will it land, fascinating stuff. Just read an article today about Apple and their stock market value, currently decreasing. Quite intersting and maybe some indications that the company will face some seriously hard time futurewise. Ok they are still Apple, the worlds most valuable listed company but are the innovation level reduced..Well I have no idea but its interesting.

If you want to follow createownapps via twitter please do eklund_per. And if you have done an app via the DIY (do-it-yourself) platforms presented here, let me know! I will acually begin reviewing apps aswell, free PR =)

Ohh..almost forgot, the header is named “App on its way”, well I have begin my app making joutney now..stay tuned if you want to follow this journey. I will post all steps and will be happy for any tips etc.

Take care all, please comment! Would appreciate it

Happy apping


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