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Nice to be back again. Its sunday evening and I have had a really nice weekend. The weather could be a lot better here in Sweden but what could you expect. At least where I am..grey and cold.

This weekend I have been writing on something really exciting that I hopefully can tell you more about this week. I have also begun to write a post for you guys on the importance of the app name. The app name is together with your icon the first impression. Should they download your app or not..There are many aspects and alternatives there and I will post all my knowledge this Tuesday.

I havent done that much with my own app development this weekend but I am off again tomorrow. I will in tomorrows blog post let you know where I am and also more information how it started. You can call it a short summary of the journey so far. If you are interested in developing your own app, please read my post cause I will try to take it from the beginning.

Take care, see you all tomorrow.



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