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Right now I am doing all sorts of things simultaniously..and you know how that can end up =) Trying to edit the website, communicating with the accompanies, update you guys on my social streams with interesting stuff and have begun creating an app. The last part is loads of fun actually, hard to quit when you have begun the work..are you in the same situation as me? I.e do you currently create your own app? Please get back, tell me your story, is it going ok, what platform do you use?

Two things that also have made me think a lot is the marketing and monetization part..there is really a lot of info about these two areas and I am writing a summary on my perspectives and will soon add it to my posts on my “Create App Step-by-step”. The hard part when writing this is to hold back on all information that’s out there. Cause we all want to have an app that will be successful and we all want to make money on it. What to be understood is that it requires some hard work..and luck.

I must add a thing that is reported right now on TV, James Cameron has now created an app to be closer to its people..how funny =)

Take care, and please comment! Something missing on the site, something unclear, something good?

“Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”



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