Partner Up With AppMakr Through Their Affiliates Program


AppMakr is launching an affiliates program that lets you profit off of their site and features. With a little AppMakr name-dropping, you can take a cut of the revenue brought in from transactions made on our platform.

So, how does it work?

If you have a website, a blog, anything that lives on the world wide web, link to AppMakr via the proper channels. Whenever someone clicks on that link and ends up buying something on AppMakr, you’ll get a cut of the first transaction.

To get the magic going, we buddied up with LinkConnector. Just sign up through their site, to join the AppMakr affiliates program. Once the link is active, you’ll snag a piece of the pie (not literally, but that would be delicious) whenever your link results in someone signing up for an AppMakr subscription.

This goes for new and existing mentions—so if you’ve talked about AppMakr in the past, feel free to repurpose that link through the program.

Full article here


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