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Mobile Roadie in Music Tech Meetup – London

Mobile Roadie meet up
Mobile Roadie meet up

Appmaker company Mobile Roadie is part of a meetup in London on the 12th of December. So if you are interested in building apps with the worlds most powerful mobile appcreator (according to them) togther with other really cool companies, and if you are in London, click now to register.

Mobile Roadie is a self-service mobile application platform where you can create a fully functional app for iPhone and/or Android. Users can create their app and then manage and update it from the Web without any programming experience. Mobile Roadie can help with the design/style, but do not build custom apps, i.e they are not app builders. All their clients built their apps themselves using their platform.

From Mobile Roadies website:

Hosted by midem along with a few friends – SoundCloud, Songkick, Webdoc, Bopler, Musicmetric, Kaltura, Eventbite – the Meetup will be the hottest event in London this week. So come celebrate the holidays with some of the leading companies in music tech while sipping on a few drinks!

For more info and to register Click here

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