Apps Builder´s new features, now live!

DIY appmaker company Apps Builder have announced that thanks to precious feedback and their development team’s dedication, have implemented their platform with a whole new set of features to make it even more user-friendly and performing.

Let’s take a look at some of the new amazing features that will be available on their platform from January 30.

New Website Design

AppsBuilder have been optimizing our website both in content and design to offer you a better user experience. Thanks to their new backend you’ll be guided step by step through the app development process to create all types of applications, from the most basic ones in just a few clicks to the most advanced ones by making use of our wide range of options.

New Compelling Themes

AppsBuilder have added a whole set of new graphic options to their platform to help you customize your app as you wish and make it stand out from the crowd. You will have a wider choice of settings to new-themescreate truly professional-looking apps with the same user-friendly approach.

Quick Creation Wizard

When starting their free trial, new users will now be automatically guided through an easy and intuitive 4-step wizard to create their own app in 5 minutes. You’ll always have the chance to add new features to your app by logging into the panel and using advanced options.

Windows 8 Compatibility

AppsBuilder´s new platform now allows you to create advanced apps fully compatible with Windows 8 devices and they also provide total support to get your app published in the Windows Store, handling the whole process for you.wizard

HTML5 WebApps Pricing Model and Custom DNS

A new pricing model for their HTML5 WebApp starting February 1, to help them maintain and improve their platform in the future. This means that in order to keep using your HTML5 WebApp after your free 30-day trial, you will have to pick a pricing plan.

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