Blog – App Store pass 40 billion + Full comparison!

Hope everything is fine we you all out there! On my way to bed but thought I should write a few words. I havent really started to blog full-time yet but from now on I will seriously do that, I have lots of info and news for you all.

Just read an article on mashable, apparently Apples App Store has passed 40 Billion downloads…40 billion! That is just insane, don’t you think? When you think about it, you do realise that Apple make some serious money =) In the article it also said that the company revealed that there are now more that 500 million active accounts in the App Store, showing the growth of Apples  user base. So for you all making your first app, put some time and effort into it, the competition is fierce.

I am working on a full comparison excel sheet for you to download so that you can compare the different app companies that have the DIY (do-it-yourself) platform. I will compare service, price, monetization, marketing, level of simplicity etc. Is there any special topic that you want to have compared? Have you start your first app yet? Just pick your platform and start!

Any questions, comments etc please get back! I will answer them all.

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