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Thursday already, this week has just dissapeared! Have begun to search for some pics I will have on my app that I am creating. For those who dont know, I am using the Conduit mobile platform and I now need to work on the design a litle bit more. iStockphoto is the place to be I think when looking for nice pics!

So far my app is based on information I already have and the app just takes that information and packages it nicely..the good thing is also that I can see the app “online” through an app provided by Conduit but for my app, really great! Really would like to show you the app but I wait, dont want you to steal the idea 😉 Anyway it´s so simple to build one with the platform.

Separately I am building a website for my company and I am looking at nice wordpress themes to build it with. I had actually found one but I got so dissapointed of the support I received (none) so I gave up that theme..service is crucial! Just found another one called Blanco and that is probably the one I will choose. In a way building a site is quite similar to building an app, you just have to sit and learn the thoughts behind it and that is usually quite simple.

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