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As you maybe know I have started an “App School” here on my site where I write about subjects that should help you to succeed with your app. I will publish more articles from time to time, right now I just want to give you some keypoints when designing your app icon, cause that is something you can do by yourself as well. Together with this keypoints there are many sites out there loaded with tools on how you actually make the app.

Dont include words – Words are in themselves an abstraction of a concept, object or operation – don’t mix these two representational tools as it will ultimately make your message more cluttered and harder to decode.

Dont standard gloss –Apple gives you the option to add their standard gloss to your icon when submitting it to the app store. If you must add gloss, why not be able to control every aspect of it yourself? Besides, note that not every single native Apple icon comes with gloss, let’s tone it down a bit.

Make it simple – One of the most important rules in icon design is to keep your motive simple and to the point. What is your app really all about? If you could only show people one thing that would represent your entire app, what would it be?

App consistency – The anticipation you create by having a great icon should be reinforced when your application itself is well designed and vice versa.

Stand out from the crowd – Take steps to stand out from the hordes of other icons out there, make design decisions that will take you away from ’standard’ and swing you over to ’unique’

Best of luck to you when designing your app!

/your DIY app friend

Note: Above info is partly from thsi great site:

More about the “App School”:


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