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Hi all,

Have not been so active to update you with all that is happening right now but thought I’d give you a quick summary what will happen on this site. Sitting right now creating a comparison table for you readers so that you can more easily compare all the different DIY companies on this website that has been reviewed. This is very time-consuming cause the information is constantly updated and I want to give you the most updated information possible. This should be completed in the week so have patience =)

Otherwise, I have lots of other side projects that I am trying to get together but it’s hard, where do you find the time? I do all my web projects in wordpress and I have just begun to create a business website in Mazine theme that I bought from ThemeForest. Will be very nice =) For those of you who are interested in building websites easy wordpress is super. Most of you are familiar with this but can be told again. I am also building an app in the Conduit platform, which I talked about earlier. Unfortunaley is has currently become down prioritized. Really a shame because its super fun and easy, do not have much left either.

What do you readers do? I am very interested to hear! Please share it!

Btw I have been in contact with two new companies offering DIY platform and will publish this reviewes next week. Good right? I talked to a person within one of these companies telling me that the industry with making own apps is really growing. I.e the companies platforms will be better and better for all of you. With these good news I wish you all a good night, or good morning, or good day..depending on wherever you are.

Last but not least, have you seen the frensh movie “The Intouchables”? I recommend it, a feel good movie.

Take care


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