Building an app – experience how it can look like

Thought I should give you some information on how it can look like building an app and how easy it really is. At createownapps we have tried almost all platforms and the basic structure is quite similiar in most cases. Some companies offers ready templates as well e.g restaurants, music, business to make it even more simple, but we recommend that if you really want it your way you maybe will do it without a template, the alternatives are there for you.

I have just for you made a test app with Conduits platform and as with all other platforms it starts with registration. Conduit offers a free trial like many other companies do. I have chosen the gold plan which gives me some more functions than the Basic plan.


When you start the editing phase you just add pages through the different alternatives available. For example you can via RSS insert information directly from e.g your website or blog, you can upload videos and pictures, add a calender, your twitter and facebook flows, maps etc, just drag and drop. As you can see on the picture below you can also follow your updates directly. And if you want to watch it directly on your mobile that is possible as well and it´s not only Conduit that offers that. It´s a really great way to see your app taking shape.


As you understand it´s really straigh forward and simple. When your done you just publish your app and then can follow the app installes, send push notifications etc.  What are you waiting for, register yourself and get loose =)





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