App Incubators – do they work? have previously written about the different app incubators that exist. App Incubators are basically a playing field so that everyone can have a chance to bring their creativity to life and share in the profits. If you have an idea for an iPhone, iPad or even Android application, you can submit it for a shot at getting it made. If your concept passes our challenging set of criteria – from originality to functionality – the App Incubators will design, develop and market your app. Often you don’t have to pay a cent for any part of the process, and you get a share of the profits. Sound quite good right? But to be honest, can that really work?

I have to try, and I will do it today. I have a lot of ideas that can’t be made with the DIY appmaking platforms and I want to share my journey with you. First step is to contact the companies offering this service, basically I will just search in google, there are many options. Then email my idea, and for you thinking of doing the same, do your homework i.e provide them with the understanding of why they should fo for your idea. So, follow my journey. It can be a really quick one or lead to something really exciting. Time will tell!

Btw if you have made this journey, please share your info and thoughts!

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  1. Steve 6 years ago

    I sent an idea in 2012 to app incubator that I was going to target at wawa. Now in 2015 the app is in place and I’m not the guy making.6 grand a month don’t trust these app companies … good thing I saved all my email correspondance fuckers are gonna pay

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