Appsbuilder new features

Appcreator platform from Appsbuilder announced today a whole new set of features to make their platform more performing than ever, and new pricing plans to better suit you needs.

Pricing plans and new features will be automatically activated on existing platform starting 18 June:

In-app Form Generator

Gather your users’ details and generate new leads!

This feature allows you to create forms and surveys within your app and customize them with the information you need.

By creating your own custom forms you will be able to collect your users’ details and feedback to improve customer support and generate new leads for your business.

Native Maps

Thanks to native maps, it will be possible for your users to view your custom map right in your native app and enjoy a more fluid user experience.

Customize your maps with markers to help users locate your premises, branch offices and landmarks in the surounding area.

This way you will not only promote your business facilitating its location, but you will also enhance customer support for a more satisfying user experience!

New Pricing Plans

In order to come closer to your needs, Appsbuilder have devised 3 more scalable pricing plans – Starter, Pro and Premium – to help you build your mobile presence from your first steps to more advanced features.

Choose the plan that best fits your needs, and if you are undecided you can always try each plan for free for 14 days!

Hire a Pro

With Appsbuilder new design service, you will enjoy all the benefits of a professional designer by your side, so that creating your awesome app will be as easy as a pie!

Icons, theme, buttons and fonts: customize your app down to the smallest detail without having to lift a finger!

You take it easy, we build your app!

Promotional Pop-ups

Keeping in touch with your users has never been faster!
Thanks to promotional pop-ups you will be able to send out customizable messages to your users upon opening your app.

You can use promotional pop-ups to promote events, announce releases and keep your users updated on the latest news about your services.

You can also schedule and geotarget your messages to reach your audience when you most need it.

And also mailing list generator, app landing page and many other promotional tools to boost your app popularity!

Looking forward to trying out all these new amazing features? Start now!

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