What is push notification?

Push notification is a very good and common function that all DIY appmaking companies offers in their platform. But what is it really and why should you use it building your own app?

Well, since you are in the app development business, or strive to be, I guess you have downloaded hundreds of apps by this time. When opening a new app for the first time, you are sometimes asked if you want to allow the app to send you push notifications. You recognize this, right?

Basically push notifications are a way for an app to send information to your iPad or iPhone even when you aren’t using the app. I.e the app gives you a little push to let you know he exist =) Which I guess you understand is like commercial, the app want to show that it exist so that you can use it more and more (and the developer hopefully earns more money..). The notification will send you a message as an alert or banner. push notificationWhen you tap it, it will direct you back to the app for more information. This is a great way for apps to interact with us in the background, whether it be a game notifying us of some event occurring in our game world or simply the iPad’s mail application beeping as a new message appears in our inbox. In addition to pushing messages to the screen, push notification allows apps to display a number or ‘badge’ on the app’s icon. For example, the Mail icon will show the number four when we have four unread messages.

So, when developing your app with the DIY appmaking platforms reviewed on this site, don´t underestimate the power of push notifications.

Push notifications work on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and require iPhone OS 3.0 or higher and a web connection (either 3G or WiFi).


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