Promote your app – 12 tips!

I had some contact with one of the DIY appmaking companies this week about a great blogpost they have published on their site. Kindly thet let me use it on to all you readers striving to build your own apps. When your app is ready and build with the DIY platforms available you may be thinking about the next step. How should you market it?

On the web

  1. Publish an article about the app on your website
  2. Place a banner on your website linking to the app store or app gallery*

* Such as Google Play, the Apple Store or the microsite at, where your attendees can download the event app

In newsletters

  1. Place an app download link in newsletters sent to your audience
  2. Ask your sponsors to do the same
  3. Write a newsletter showcasing and explaining your newly created app to increase interest in the even. This will lead to more user participation, enthusiasm and feedback from your audience.

In printed materials

  1. Inform your audience about the app in your printed media (posters, local weeklies, flyers, etc. You could also try digital signage through 1DayBanner.)
  2. Place a QR Code in your printed media. The QR Code should refer users to the site where they can download the app. You can design QR Codes with QR Hacker or any QR Code generator

Press &PR

  1. Give publicity to your Event App in your press release

Social Media

  1. Post the app and the app download link on your Facebook page. (You can shorten the download URL with tiny URL, google URL shortener or with other tools)
  2. Tweet the app and download link on Twitter too. Don’t forget to shorten the post to 140 characters!

At the event

  1. Post QR Codes on information boards, registration desks, on doors, in cloakrooms and in lounges
  2. Ask presenters to mention the application in their presentation.

These great tips are from InstApp, a DIY appmaking platform. For Instapp review, see here:


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