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Creat own apps, can you do it? Answer is yes, and its not complicated. If you have a blog, a company, a website, a band, or just and idea that you want to convert to apps, then you have come to the right place. Without any programming skills needed, you can make your app today and this is the site where you can see how.

The tool needed for making your app is the so called DIY (Do-It-Yourself) platform that the companies reviewed on this site have developed. With this platform you can develop your app; fast, easy and to a low price. The platforms are in general quite similar in how to use it but different in features, price, service, monetization, integration, analytics etc. The important thing is for you to match your preferences with the appropriate company, thats why the review here are made, to help you with this match. Category wise they are separeted into app made for e-commerce/business and for consumers.

However the tool for making your app is not enough. Site site will therefor provide you with information on how to develop your idea, how to deal with your target group, understanding your market, how to publish your app, monetize it, market it, app reference cases and more. Really crucial areas to think about and I am here to help.

Since the price part is so important for us I have created a full price comparison page. As you also can see there is a menu called Definitions and Stuff. That is for you to earn the basic definitions on functions, market etc for better understanding.

Please also follow me on my blog here where you can my journey on how I use one of the platforms to create an app!

If you have made an app using the DIY platform, please get in touch, share your experience and recieve some extra marketing on my site. I will publish your app together with your story.

Do not be a stranger, let’s help each other. Good luck!




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