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Understand your Target Group


Posted November 13, 2012 by

A key factor when developing your app is to understand how the target group works and build the app from that insight. Who will buy your app and who do you really want to sell to? Are you focused on the teenage market? Do you have a business app geared to a specific type of profession? Understanding your audience will help you develop a targeted marketing plan. Important questions to ask yourself could be:

Who is my target audience?

Does my target audience use iPhone?

Will the app actually make any real difference to the lives of its users?

Do the users actually need this app, or are there dozens of similar apps on the App Store?

How much would people be willing to pay for my app?

One of the key things to remember who you’re designing your app for. If you are part of the target audience, then it’s a lot easier to know what they’re looking for, but if you’re not, don’t worry, because your target audience is probably not that far away.

If you’re designing an app for gardeners, have a chat to your friends who enjoy gardening, and find out what makes their lives difficult. Then, when you’ve got your answers, sit down and think about how you could solve those difficulties using their own phones. Again, this is a time not to restrict your thinking, so even if you couldn’t imagine how your solution would work, there’s probably someone who does, so think big and edit out the craziest of your ideas after yet more sleep.


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