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iBuildApp makes it easy to reuse or resell pre-made custom app designs and plugins.

Mobile app builder iBuildApp announces the company was one of 75 companies invited to present at the 22nd bi-annual DEMO Conference. DEMO is world-renowned for launching the most innovative companies in enterprise, mobile, cloud computing, consumer, social media and disruptive technologies..

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HTML5 Improvements – Snappii

Snappii have released the HTML5 apps support and added the following improvements: – add app icon – preview color – change initial screen layout – show splash screen – show company name at the bottom


App Update – iPhone 5 Release (info from AppFurnace)

As we’re sure many of you are already aware, the new iPhone 5 announced on September 12th has a new, taller screen. This change in screen aspect ratio (from 4:3 to 16:9) means that all apps out there will need to be updated in order to take advantage of the extra screen space.

The iPhone 4 & 4S has a screen size of 640×960 pixels, while the iPhone 5 (and the new iPod Touch range) are 640×1136.


Five’s Gone Live: AppMakr Now Supports iOS 5

AppMakr is excited to announce that their iOS 5 support is now LIVE!

For iPhone users, iOS 5 brings with it a slew of new features including Twitter integration, a Notifications Center (as opposed to the pop-up style notifications of versions past) and device-to-device communication through iMessage. Their latest release means your AppMakr iPhone apps will now be able to work on newly updated devices running on iOS 5.

First thing’s first—to give your iPhone app iOS 5 support, you’ll have to rebuild it. And do note that, for now, the update is only available for Socialize-enabled apps. Non-Socializers, sit tight! Your support is next on our roadmap.


AppSpotr has been named as a Finalist for the 2012 Bully Awards!

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AppMakr is launching an affiliates program that lets you profit off of their site and features. With a little AppMakr name-dropping, you can take a cut of the revenue brought in from transactions made on our platform.

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AppMakr apps have gotten a makeover—with more powerful functionality,  a sleeker design and deeper customization. They’ve released a ton of new features that not only allow users to create more robust apps, they improve the app-making experience.

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AppFurnace publish an interesting article about how to design an app:

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