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About Appyourself

The two founders Benjamin Heisch and Markus Kaiser had the idea for AppYourself in December 2010. The goal was to offer high-quality business apps at fair prices. And so the AppYourself app builder was created. AppYourself has been online for more than five years now and employs a team of 25 people at three locations. Since August 2014, our headquarter is in Berlin. We are passionate about what we do and have achieved that more than 500.000 apps from several different industries have already been created with our platform.

Available functions

AppYourself is an app builder specially developed for business apps. Therefore our solutions are tailored for the needs of small and medium enterprises, to help them increase customer loyalty:

  • Modular app system that allows companies to create apps on their own, without any coding

  • Customisable app design with their own corporate identity (brand, colours etc)

  • Over 30 modules are at disposal to cover any business needs (price list, product catalogue, shop, appointment requests, table reservation, forms) and for marketing actions (coupons, stamp card)

  • Live app preview

  • All-in-one – build once, publish on all platforms: native app (iOS and Android), web app and desktop website

  • Partnerships with several companies from the SMB sector that offer customer relationship tools like OpenTable, Resmio, Yelp, TripAdvisor

  • Push notifications sending and scheduling

  • Materials and features for app promotion

  • Design and Submission Services

Platforms supported

Apple App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Store

Pricing plans

Price include cost for developer account? (Y/N)

Appyourself´s customers can self submit their apps with their own developer accounts (cost not included in the plans) or order our Submission Service. With the Submission Service, they can publish their apps in our Apple developer account (included) or in their own (cost not included). For Google Play, it is always necessary for them to create their own developer account (cost not included).

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Support offered

Appyourself offer support over phone, email and chat within our dashboard in different languages.

Publish the app

For the ones who want to publish their apps themselves, we created an interactive self submission walkthrough guide, that takes the user “by the hand” and guides them through the complicated submission process to both Apple and Google app stores. For those who don’t or can’t, we naturally offer a Submission Service, that takes over the whole submission process until the app is available for download. The Submission Service costs 50€ per app.

Simplicity level


Monetization possibilities

Appyourself offer a shop module that works as in-app store and allows our customers to sell their products within the app (mobile commerce). If they submit and publish their apps with their own developer accounts, they can also sell their apps on the app stores.

Marketing assistance

Our main goal is that our customers’ apps are successful. Right from the start, we offer them a welcome call to clarify any remaining questions about the platform, analyse if their apps are using the most suitable tools for their company’s industry and also give them tips on how to promote their app according to their business type. Within our dashboard we offer many tools to help promote their app: they can automatically generate print materials like flyers, posters and business cards; they can add a Smart App Banner to identify iOS users on their website and lead them to their app on the App Store; they can get a QR Code that points to their app on the app stores and that can be used in any marketing actions or materials; it’s also possible to promote the app (or any of its modules) directly on Facebook, Twitter or per email.

We also actively monitor the performance of our customers’ apps, so that we can contact them if needed, and help them promote the app, better use its resources and make it successful.


Do you offer custom made apps?

Our Design Service creates professional apps for our customers at request.

We can also develop custom modules for our Premium and Business customers, within technical limitations, at an extra cost

Why choose your platform?

If you are looking for a really easy-to-use platform to create a business app for your company, to help you increase your customer loyalty and that integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use for your business, we are the perfect solution for you! Not only you’ll be able to create a high-quality app at a fair price, we’ll also help you promote your app and work together to make it successful.

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