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About the company

With the BuildFire platform, we give you the ability to add custom functionality to your app in addition to our ready built features. We blend the power of drag and drop mobile app building, with the option to dive deep and customize endlessly. With our development program you can leverage your development team or ours to create any custom functionality desired.


Examples of functions are Smartpush, Smartsync, Social walls, mobile shopping, multimedia, loyalty program,  places and locations, contact information, source code editors, RSS reader, Web view, event calendars.

Except the functions, BuildFire offers tons of integrations e.g Facebook, Shopify, Soundcloud, WooCommerce, smooch, youtube and more.


AppStore and Google Play


Price include cost for publish on developer account?

Buildfire submit iOS apps under the BuildFire developer account removing the need for customers to purchase their own. They submit android Apps under the customer’s GooglePlay account. This $25 fee is not included in our pricing.

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Buildfire does their best to get back to customers within a couple hours of sending in requests during business hours. Their business hours are 9am-5pm PST, M-F.

Help with publish?

BuildFire handle all publishing.

Simplicity level (1-10, 1 is really easy)


Monetization possibilities

If you choose to have your app under your own developer accounts, you can sell the app for a price in the app store.

Assist with marketing


App speciality?

Small to Medium Businesses

Analytics offered

Buildfire offer App Downloads and Registered Users

Do you offer custom made apps?


Why choose your platform?

BuildFire is simpler and easier to use than other platforms. From numerous amount of plugins to choose from, just simply select whichever functions you need and you’re good to go!

BuildFire produces more engaging and professional looking apps. We have a plethora of templates for you to choose from, resulting in a professional and modern app.

BuildFire allows you to get into the code to create custom functions. If you’re looking for a specific function that’s not available, don’t sweat it! With BuildFire’s open development architecture you can meet these uniques needs. No other platform combines the simplicity of the click-and-edit experience with the ability to custom develop.

Is Buildfire the alternative for you? Visit their website and create your app today.

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