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About the company

GoodBarber is an app builder designed so that anyone can create a Beautiful App, for iPhone, iPad and Android. GoodBarber comes with tools to increase awareness, engagement and loyalty around your brand. Apps can be made either by the user or by a reseller. It’s the perfect alternative to long and expensive independent development projects. Once the app is online, GoodBarber becomes a one-stop shop marketing platform to generate conversions.


Among our offering, here’s some of our key features: our built-in CMS, Local Business features (loyalty, couponing), User features (Authentication, Chat, User groups, Community), Notifications (including geofencing and beacons), Monetization (External advertising networks, Internal ad server, External statistics – Google Analytics, Flurry, Countly), Live services (audo, video) and Advanced options (Plugin section and API access).

More popular features can be found here:

Supported platforms

A GoodBarber subscription includes the iOS app, Android app and Web app (HTML 5) version of a project


Price include cost for developer account




Can’t decide which app making platform to choose? Download our comparison sheet now!


We offer Support online, right from the back office of each of our clients, through a system of tickets. We also offer onboarding calls for our Resellers.

Do you help publish

Yes, with our GoodBarber Takes Care service. For a $50 fee, our clients get 10 credits (1 credit equals 1 submission)


Monetization can be achieved with our Advertising solutions (connecting to external ad networks or delivering custom made campaigns through our internal ad server), in the format of splash screens and banners. Our Business menu also provides Loyalty solutions and a Couponing feature to boost sales.

Can you assist with marketing?

Absolutely. Not only do we deliver a tool with advanced options beyond the publication of the app, with tools to promote one’s app and business, through advertising, push notifications, geoalerts, detailed statistics to leverage the app’s data, widgets to advertise the app on external sources, app ranking pop up, etc., but we also provide insight and resources to assist our clients every step of the way, with online helps, a regularly updated blog, free ebooks, videos and our GoodBarber News app, to have all of this, one tap away!

App speciality

With our powerful CMS, publishers are obviously a great match. But, with our social features (Chat, User Groups, Community), geolocalization dimension (Map section, geofencing, beacons), loyalty program (loyalty card, club card) or even our white label option, our DIY app builder is a relevant and versatile solution for all sorts of businesses!


We offer detailed analytics, from app usage, OS repartition, localisation to demographics. We also offer statistics of usage for specific features, such as within our Business menu with detailed stats per coupons used, gifts redeemed and so on. What’s more, our clients can connect external analytics tools, such as Google Analytics and Flurry.


Offer custom made apps?

Our app builder is designed so that each and every client can deliver a custom made app, through advanced personalization options. On top this, our GoodBarber Services Team offers custom integration services.

Why choose your platform?

GoodBarber is the ideal solution to create an app in the sense that it provides a solution for app creation, but also beyond, with a large choice of tools to market and promote one’s business. It is also adaptable, leaving room for customization and growth!

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