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Who are MobAppCreator

MobAppCreator are on online service that provide you with the tools to create native mobile apps simplified.


Our platform covers the basic set of functionalities seen in most builders like maps, product, social networks, push notification and other 20+ functions. Where we come ahead is with our custom form builder. Our users can design their own form to capture user data from app users, the form builder has quite a few tricks like auto completing profile data, capturing pictures from the camera and the amazing capability of sending a Push notification to an individual form response email notifications and database exports

Another innovative module is our recently launched Photo Booth that allows people share pictures with customizes stickers. This is a fun way to promote events and share a brand on social media.


Platform supported

Apple App Store, Google Play

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MobAppCreator takes care of the app submission process on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.


MobAppCreator offer integration with admob.

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