Mobincube review


About the company

Offered functions

Online shop, monetization, design, push notifications, navigation bars, audio & video, google maps, source code, embed web, databases, remote content, google analytics

Platforms supported

Android, iOS and WP




Offered support

Email, web and community

Do you help publish the app

Yes, for iOS the cost is Eur 49

Simplicity level (1-10, 1 is really easy)


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Monetization possibilites

Ads in app through Mobincube Ad network

The Mobincube Ad Network is a transparent and automatic system for Apps created in Mobincube that will search for the best ads (money and conversion ratings) to show them on your App.

With this system, Mobincube will share all the ad revenue generated by your App. You will get 70% of the total revenue and Mobincube will get the other 30%.

Marketing help

Yes, through webinars and personalized support.

App speciality

Informative apps. For more info see below video.

Analytic possibilities

Download statistics and Google-analytics integration

Reference apps

Do you offer custom made apps

No, but we offer a great rage of customizable templates.

Tips for future developers

In order to learn how to use our interface, you can watch some tutorials which explain you how to start using Mobincube and create your first App. This video shows what kind of app you can create with our platform.

Here you can find a video about basic concepts in mobincube.

Here you have some webinars which explain you all the functionalities of Mobincube.

You can find more information in our Support page:

Finally if you prefer, you can use the wizard templates. When you enter into the mobincube editor, click on the button ‘create my app’ you must insert the name of the app and then you can choose the option ‘WIZARD’. There you will find some templates to choose, generate and then modify as you like.

Why choose your platform?

Because it’s the best one in the market.

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