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About RedFoundry

It all began when we started building iPhone apps for fun, and a few of them became big hits. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we quit our day jobs and began making apps for the likes of Pearl Jam and Kodak. After working deep in the trenches for awhile we realized that building a great mobile app was too just complicated, expensive, and time consuming. We found ourselves wondering… Isn’t there a better way?

That’s why we started Red Foundry back in 2009 – to take our years of software development experience and successful mobile app launches and package it into team, technology, and methodology to help our clients to Mobilize Their Business.


Red Foundry Studio provides developers with a powerful and cost-effective way to build high-quality native apps using a full library of components and tools.  It’s unique technology allows fully native apps to be built and customized by integrating pre-existing components, more like a web mashup, as opposed to starting from scratch.

Product Feature Highlights:

Provides developers with an easy-to-use mark-up language (called RFML) with which to write the app code

One master set of RFML code is then compiled for either iOS, or Android, or both, which greatly reduces ongoing codebase maintenance costs

Includes many pre-built (and pre-tested!) widgets for connecting to commonly used services such as Urban Airship, Flurry, Google Analytics, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, and many more

Provides access to native services like the device’s camera and geo-coordinates

Using Viz (the Studio Visualizer), developers can instantly see their app woking in real-time, pre-compile, even while the app is still under construction offering both instant gratification and huge efficiency benefits!

Studio is built on top of the iOS and Android core operating system libraries and continuously updated as those underlying libraries evolve

Platforms supported

iOS (Apple Appstore), Android (Google Play)


Does the price include cost for developer account?




What kind of support do you offer?

Email, developer forum, facebook group all included

Do you help to publish the app?


Support for app publishing is included with the monthly Studio subscription

Simplicity level (1-10, 1 is really simple)


Monetization possibilities

In-app purchases, banner ads

Can you assist with marketing?

We don’t really offer app marketing as part of the Studio subscription, but we can as part of our professional services on a T&M basis.

What app is your speciality?

Can’t decide what platform to choose? Download our comparison table.

Developers build all kinds of apps using Red Foudnry Studio

What analytics to you offer?

In addition to basic appstore analytics the Flurry and Google Analytics SDKs are built into the platform and included


Do you offer custom made apps?

Yes.  Red Foundry Studio is 100% focused on enabling developers to create custom apps.

Why choose RedFoundry´s platform?

Easy and free to get started, very easy to use. Anyone with the basic web development skills can get an app up and running very quickly.

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