AppMakr’s Big Release! New Features, Better Apps


AppMakr apps have gotten a makeover—with more powerful functionality,  a sleeker design and deeper customization. They’ve released a ton of new features that not only allow users to create more robust apps, they improve the app-making experience such as:

For further control over their app’s layout, users can insert multiple su-feeds into one tab.

Published apps can now be updated on the fly with Live Updates—no rebuilding necessary. From their new dashboard, users can swap out existing feed URL’s in live apps for new ones to instantly update the app.

With a little HTML know-how, users can insert a code snippet into their RSS feeds to render each entys layout to their taste.

A revambed Photo Album tab to better showcase those awesome pictures, with zoom, landscape view, ad support and a few other nifty updates.

A brand new dashboard with less clutter and a more intuitive layout.

Color-coded status buttons that alert users of each app’s progress, right from their dashboard. From green (your app’s good to go!) to red (your app is not complete or has errors) and in between, users will always know where their app stands.

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