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Good evening followers, happy to be back. I have recieved some really nice comments from you and I thank you for that, keep it up =) One comment was regarding my review of iBuildApp from Ken. For your info I have communicated this directly with iBuildApp and they really appreciated it. More of that!

At the time beeing I am trying to develop my own app. I am using Conduits app making platform and its really simple to use, drag-and-drop with templates if necessary (I am not paid to say this..). The only thing I struggle with is the design, i am not good at that. I have been looking at the AppStore for apps helping me to create a logo but theres no one thats really good. So please develop one =) Free app tip from me. Do you have other app tips? If it keeps coming from you I can add a category with your tips, together we can help each other out. I know maybe I should use PhotoShop or something, but my problem is not the tool..its the imagination, and no program can cure that 😉

So what about apps and football. Well nothing more than me working in front of the computer with the TV on with a nice game of football between Sweden and England. Im no fanatic but nice sometimes.

Before I end for today I want to give you a nice link, its about naming your app. Really informative and good!

Take care


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