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Hey followers!

Nice to see your again wherever you are! As you maybe know I am in the phase of writing some really important and informative stuff for you..i.e App School lessons. For you developers out there or if you still think about being one (what are you waiting for?), please read my Lesson no 2: Naming your app. I have spent numerous hours on this Lesson for you guys and I hope you will learn something when it comes to the app name. If you have something to add, please feel free to comment. This is for us DIY developers =)

I am also in the phase of publishing some nice app news, did you know Rolling Stones have released a new app to celebrate their 50 years Anniversary? Just tried to add some tweets but twitter was down due to much read that they have over 500 million active users of 2012, generating over 340 million tweets daily and handling over 1,6 billion search queries per day. You are there right? Please feel free to follow createownapps (eklund_per). And make sure you promote your app there, I think it’s a really good “tool” for communicating with your target group..Im not alone thinking that I guess =)

Please feel free to get back with your finished DIY app, I will soon start an app review of these apps. Always interesting for me and the readers to see all you can do.

See ya!



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