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Yesterday I made a promise to tell you the status of my app development and share this with you. Actually the idea of my app started some time ago and I have been doing some research about it and I think that it has potential to reach out. I am very aware of the fierce market out there so I keep my expectations low..;)

As you can read in the App School post about developing your idea, there are some work to be done developing it and I have so far done that. E.g does the app solve a problem no one else has solved? Are there similar apps out there? Does the app make people laugh? After figuring out my idea I have chosen the appropriate platform for my app. I have said it before but it needs to be said again; it all depends on what you are supposed to do, what your vision is..e.g making an app of your blog, website, restaurant, band, quiz, news, company etc etc. If you need information, please check my reviews on all companies or get back and I will try to help! One area I have not enlighted in this site yet is games (only quizzies), but there are DIY appmaking companies offering that possibility as well (come back if you want info).

I have also so far created my developer account at AppStore cause you have to do that by yourself. The DIY companies sometimes offer to publish your app on their account but I recommend to have it on yours. I have not registered any other accounts yet..still thinking, but I guess I will. Creating your account at AppStore is quite straight forward, however I made some notes about it and will add a step-by-step instructions further on.

Right now I am just adding my features and functions to my app and thinking some steps ahead, for example the marketing park. Thats a really important area in this and DONT start to think about it after you have published your blog..big mistake.

So thats the status so far, tomorrow I can go into more detail about the platform I chose. Dont be a stranger, tell your story.



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