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There is sooo much information out there about making apps, and I am lucky for that since I myself is in the process of making one. Havent written that much about it lately, the status is that I am trying to think about how I should market it..I have begun to read information on this and where should I start..Mashable summarized it in a very good way I think. “Effective app advertising requires three key areas of focus: brand, buzz and balanced opportunity” Now I just have to figure out how to get there =) Any tips?

Otherwise, my app is quite simple in structure and design. The idea is simple and I guess this app is a lot about learning along the way and get to know the functions and possibilities. In my app I use for example simple RSS flows to connect information from my website to the app, social feed that I have connected e.g from my Twitter and Facebook account, uploaded some pics and videos. As said before I am using the DIY (do-it-yoursefl) platform from Conduit and if you want to see how it can look like published, download an app called Waka Flocka Flame. Dont know if you are familiar with them but check it out if you want, free of course.

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