Smartphone Shipments – Android Dominates

Mobile Roadie have released some interesting information regarding the Smartphone Shipment for Q3 2012.

Out of the 181.1 million smartphones shipped in this time period, 75% or 136 million units were Android. This figure is significant in that it represents a jaw-dropping 91.5% change from last year’s Q3 57.5% market share for Android. To put this in perspective, the overall market growth rate of Q3 2012 was 46.4%.

Android launched 4 years ago, but in that short period of time, has emerged as the leader in market share of smartphone shipments. In 2008, market share was 0.5%; in 2009, market share grew to 4.0%; in 2010, market share jumped to 23.3%; in 2011, this figure again grew to 49.2%; and this year (to date), Android market share is now at 68.2%



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