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Yesterday night I attended an irish whiskey testing session with a friend in a cosy old cellar from the 14th century right in the old town of Stockholm, loads of fun! 1 out of 5 in the blind test was quite a disappointment but it was not easy! Didnt know the irish practically ruled the market before the Scottish people came up with the blended type of whiskey and took over the market completely. The irish distilleries dropped from 100 to 5 in just 50 years..(if I remember the figures right).


This Wednesday I went to a friends music studio and begun making a music track, so fun!! It will be in the club category. If you are interested in this type of music, i can post the track when its finished.

Just added a new app for you guys so you can see how it could look like making your own app, this time with the Snappii platform. App is called Svensk Fisk. See here

Check out this link about the upcoming Big Tech Trends You’ll See in 2013:




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