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Just posted the Viziapps review for you, specialiced in DIY platforms for company apps. I am actually quite impressed by their capabilities, design and functions. Anyone used it for real? Please comment, I appreciate all feedback.

Otherwise I am looking for books about apps to post on this site, for readers to learn more about marketing your apps, monetize, designing the app etc. It must be alot but I cant fins that much to be honest, maybe I am looking in the wrong places. This book has a eye-cathing title I think: “HELP! My boss Wants an iPhone App!” written by Nick Davis. Anyone read it? Or any books related to app development?

Btw just read that Facebook is said to be interested in buying WhatsApp (messaging service). We will see how that goes =)

I will post more reference apps for you this week and contact some new DIY appcompanies, any particular just get back and I will make that review as well. There are alot of companies out there, market is growing!

Happy apping =)



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