How to find images to your app

When building an app it´s important to have access to eye-catching photos that makes your app stand out. It´s also important making sure that your idea and vision of the app is visualized by your pictures. The images should set you apart from the crowd, but you have to know where to look.

Here are some tips for sites that will make that possible. And feel free to comment on other great sites.


Royalty free photos (you only pay once), but you have to become a member and pay credits. The site has images for all areas.


Over 20 million Royalty Free Stock Photos, illustrations, vectors and videos. Maybe that’s enough.



Claims to be the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. And there is a truth there.


A nice joker is Kozzi which provides all cliparts royalty free and can be used in your creative projects without restrictions.  You can use them in commercial print, web and video projects for as long as you like and on any number of copies you print. Has over 100,000 free pics.


Vector images, films and digital shots has a free and a paid solution.



Right now Fotolia offers 21,492,409 Royalty Free Stock Photos. Images starts at 74 cents for the Pay-as-you-go plan, or you can subscribe and pay a little less per image.



Photos at the Morguefile are free for commercial purposes and can be used without attribution. A bit different with Kozzi, Morguefile allows user to upload their own photos to the community to show appreciation, and if you have a bizarre idea, you can always contact with the author:




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