NEWS – Bau Deine App is soon entering..

Just had some contact with german based DIY appmaking company “Bau Deine App” which basically means “build your own app” and they have informed me that they want to be part of createownapps and I will soon publish their review. Probably next week. They have their site translated into english so for all english speaking people it will work for you as well =)

Please, if you have other DIY appmaking companies you which to see here presented and reviewed just get back. And also, do you want to have information on different subjects like markets, functions, monetization possibilities or do you want to present your app made by one of the DIY appmaking platforms you are welcome to get back.

I have some nice weekend plan btw, just bought plane tickets to Brussels. So my weekend will most probably be lined with high quality chocolate, mussels, waffles and maybe I should visit a certain peeing boy.

Bau Deine App Link:

/Per, Createownapps



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