Watch Snappii build a live app, in 1 hour!

Got an email today from DIY appmaking company Snappii that specialises in app for business. Thought it would be interested for you guys to know. If you are to build own app for your business.

On on Apr 24, 2013 11:00 AM Snappii will show their registered clients how to build a Mobile App in Under 1 hour. The session is live and the app will connect to Salesforce and retrieve leads. It is an open app building session, so there is room for asking questions as they build this app. The app will be shown on your devices as they build it. Cool right!

If you are interested I guess you can just sign-up and click on the below link after registration:

If you have any problems, just contact Snappii. They are nice people =)

If you want to read the Snappii review:






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