The Apps Apple want to forget

Sunday evening here in Sweden and it looks like the summer is finally entering, feels so nice! Sometimes I ask myself why I am living in a country with half the year filled with snow..but the summer though is great!

Was just sitting in the sofa reading the newspaper when I found a really amazing article I thought I should share. The article is translated “The apps Apple want to forget” and as the name states it´s not the nicest apps found in the App Store. What about these:


You are probably familiar with that and in the app you could  read various WikiLeaks revelations and follow the team’s official Twitter account, which later was considered extends too controversial.

Me so Holy app

In this not so sacred app you could paste your face into any religious figure such as Jesus.


I am rich

This app was sold for $999.99 USD and was in a total downloaded by eight people, why they did it is uncertain because what the app did was just to show that the owner is rich. No other functions was available.


Gay cure app

Well, why even explain what this app said to be doing. As you can understand the app increased large protests and the app was quickly picked from the App store.


A question is how the apps ended up in the App Store in the beginning I guess App Store have toughened their approval process a bit after these apps.

If you are Swedish the full article is here:

More reading about AppStore approval process:


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