Andromo Review

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Andromo Review

Andromo makes it fast and easy to create Android apps, with absolutely no programming required. The great thing about it is that you can re-purpose the online content that you already have. For example, if you have a blog or website, you can turn it into a feature in your app. Same goes with your photo galleries or YouTube videos. You already have a great app in you – Andromo helps you unleash it. With Andromo, anyone can make a professional Android app. There’s no programming required, plus Andromo generates 100% pure native Android apps.

With Andromo you control the appearance of your app and give it your signature style. You configure the look of the dashboard and dropdowns. You choose the colors, and upload your own icons and images. Your app’s unique look is all up to you.

You can add cool features to your app, all with a few mouse clicks. Your app can have interactive maps, photo galleries, blog/news feeds, embedded websites, mobile websites, HTML5/Javascript code, YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, music tracks, soundboards and more…

About Andromo

Company name Indigo Rose with its headquarters located in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. The company has 20 years experience creating programs that follow this philosophy: take the complexity and frustration out of software development.


Interactive Maps, Photo Galleries, RSS News Feeds, YouTube Videos, HTML5 / Javascript, Custom Pages, Email Us, PDF Documents, SHOUTcast Radio, Website Views, Music Players, Soundboards, Facebook Pages, Twitter Streams, Phone / Call Us, Podcasts, Wallpapers, AirBop Push Messaging

Platform Supported:

Once you get the APK file you can upload it to Google Play, Amazon or wherever you like.


Andromo offers 3 possibilities:

All subscription plans includes:

Generate 100% pure native-code Android apps, Make as many apps as you want, Use all the available activity types, including ‘Gold, Keep 100% of your advertising revenue, Turn off the advertising entirely, Sell your apps on Google Play*, Analytics to track app, usage, metrics etc, Online technical support and forums, Access to all feature enhancements and updates, Cancel anytime and we won’t bill your next payment, Apps you’ve built will still work even if you cancel, Keep the same pricing as long as you don’t cancel, Remove “Powered by Andromo” from About screen,

For the Professional pricing plan it is also included: Remove “Powered by Andromo” from About screen, Customize your app’s internal Java package name and Priority queuing for build jobs

* Selling your app on Google Play requires an Google developer account which is not included in the price. (latest price info $25/year)





Once you create an app with Andromo and click ‘build’, their servers create a *real* compiled native-code Android app for you. Andromo actually generate full Java source code and compile it into a proper .APK file and then email the user a link to download it. The app can then be uploaded to Google Play.


There are several ways to make money with Andromo. You can earn advertising revenue by including ads in your app. You can sell your app on Google Play where tens of millions of people shop. Or you can use your app to promote and advertise your business (band, organization, etc.), gaining a wider audience and more customers. Plus with Google Cloud Messaging you can really jump start your marketing campaigns and app monetization. Just plug in your AirBop push notification service credentials and you’re ready.

You have also a possibility of using the Andromo for designing apps for others, i.e charge the rate you choose for your services.


Andromo makes it easy to enable Google Analytics for your apps. You simply add your Google Analytics ID to your project and then track usage using Google’s free tools.


Our ‘App Showcase’ is free to all Andromo users. We have tens of thousands of views per day.

What apps is your speciality? (e.g content driven, music, business etc)

That’s a great question. Andromo is suited to so many kinds of apps, including the types you mentioned. The best thing about Andromo is that it makes real Android apps, and not just fancy HTML/cross-platform ‘pseudo’ apps. With over 500 million Android users out there, you can’t afford to fool around with that. They’ll know if you’re giving them good apps or garbage.

Reference case

There are 13,000+ apps in Google Play now created with Andromo. Or, our showcase lists a few thousand as well!

Tips for future developers:

[quote]Andromo is super easy to use. While it’s great for people who have never coded before, it’s also a fast way for professional programmers to create apps too. We have both groups using Andromo. There are so many ways to make money developing Android apps too. Whether it’s selling apps in Google Play, or advertising revenue or just promoting a business (like apps for restaurants, stores, etc) – creating an Android app is just as important as having a website.[/quote]



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