Based in Kansas City, MO, RareWire™ is a software and services company that currently provides its technology, design and support capabilities to create native Apps on iOS and other mobile devices through the use of our App Creation Studio and revolving client contracts.

RareWire Review

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About the RareWire

Based in Kansas City, MO, RareWire™ is a software and services company that currently provides its technology, design and support capabilities to create native Apps on iOS and other mobile devices through the use of our App Creation Studio and revolving client contracts. Started in 2010 by Matt Angell and Kirk Hasenzahl, RareWire continues to grow as a competitor in the space of App Creation Software. As per today the company has 13 employees.

What functions do you offer (RSS, video, push notification etc):

The RareWire language and platform, called WIRE, enables a scalable solution to mobility. Based on XML, WIRE offers standard native animation, datasource connectivity, web, sound, video and social media support, as well as in-app purchasing and push notification support. RareWire provides an easy and low cost option to build native, cross-platform mobile apps.

Drag and Drop function? (Y/N):

No. Apps developed in the RareWire App Creation Studio uses our WIRE language to develop once and deliver to multiple platforms. This provides more flexibility and custom elements over simple drag and drop tools.

Free trial?

RareWire is free to sign-up, build and test your apps. Our app viewer, Fusebox, is free to download in both Google Play and App Store markets.

Platforms supported (Google Play, AppStore etc):

Both Google Play and iOS App Store are supported through the RareWire platform.

Description of pricing model:

RareWire is free to join and to use our online App Creation Studio. The only charge will come from publishing your app. Either a one-time $99 publishing fee or a $250 managed publishing fee. If you use RareWire as a service, the cost will vary depending upon the desired functionality and content of the application.

*All subscriptions are billed on a per App basis.

*All plans require an SDK Developer License to Apple or Android and appropriate provisioning profiles created outside of the RareWire site in order to publish an App.

**Managed apps that exceed the 150 GB per month, per app quota will automatically be charged an additional $250 per 150 GB of bandwidth.

1Feature only for monthly service, not included in the one time publish

2Coming soon

3Use any code-editor that is FTP enabled or a combination of an FTP client and text-editor.


Can help publish? Additional price?:

RareWire requires that you maintain your own Apple/Google developer accounts and upload appropriate certificates to our system. We will then automate the packaging process and deliver a store-ready IPA or APK file. Having a monthly app subscription allows updates to be pushed to the app itself in real-time.

Where is the publishing done; under own account or your company account?:

Apps are packaged and stored in the RareWire App Creation Studio, but all publishing rights and provisions must belong to the developer. RareWire does not publish under our developer account on your behalf.

Simplicity level, 1-10 (1 = easy):

Since WIRE is its own xml-based language, there is a small learning curve. This pales in comparison to Obj-C or Java code. Because WIRE is geared toward front-end web developers and graphic designers, one does not have to be an Objective-C, hard-core programmer to learn our language. Once you’ve learned WIRE, the app creation simplicity level is around a 4-5.


We support in-app purchasing and ad-server integration.

Can you assist with marketing help? How?:

RareWire does not offer marketing consulting, however, we will advise our users on such matters within our online community forum. RareWire does provide a blog where we offer business, tech and developer news, stories and how-tos.


WIRE allows incredible scale for apps. We have no speciality to our language, it’s all about focus and content. You can do it all. We’ve created successful and award-winning apps for companies across the board including Forever 21, Black & Veatch, and the Atlantic Magazine.

Can make custom made apps?:

All Apps created with the App Creation Studio are far from cookie-cutter. The WIRE language offers a one-to-one with most native functionality so apps can be built as simple or as robust as you desire. As a services team, our talented and creative individuals will work diligently to create a unique, complex, and custom app fit perfectly to our client’s needs.


RareWire has won two APPY Awards for 2012 and has been well received with press in Silicon Prairie News, the Kansas City Business Journal and countless others. We were featured in last October’s issue of Forbes Magazine. Our leadership has obtained notoriety for entrepreneurship and innovation. All of the RareWire team and our leadership, including our founder and CEO Kirk Hasenzahl have been heavily involved with the entrepreneurship boom in Kansas City and continues to help the city grow.

Tips to future developers?

[quote]Go native! Building native mobile apps provides the best UI/UX. RareWire gives our clients the best and cost-efficient solution to mobile apps. Look on for informative tutorials.[/quote]

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