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Viziapps review:

About the company

Company name: ViziApps

Country of origin: United States

Office Location: Wellesley, Massachusetts

Founded in (year): 2010

Number of employees: Less than 50

Description of functions e.g rss, push notifications, images, videos etc: 

With no coding, app creators can include: signature capture for mobile payment with card swipe (mCommerce) apps; Facebook, SMS and email sharing; camera, audio and video, images (choosing from 4000 stock images as well as including logos, photos, and other images);. Live Update capability ensures that changes are pushed to published apps.

App creators can use JavaScript to include additional featues and functionality, such as:

  • Using the Accelerometer
  • Media Capture (media files)
  • Connection (check network state and cellular network information)
  • Enhanced Camera operations
  • Using the Compass
  • Accessing on-device Contacts (work with the contact database)
  • Device (gather device information)
  • File Transfers
  • Geo-location Mapping
  • Play Media (record and play back audio files)
  • Send Notifications
  • Access Storage (hook into native storage options)


Drag and Drop function? (Y/N):


Platforms supported:

iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. For web apps, ViziApps supports any devices with a full web browser.

Description of pricing model:

Designing, building, and testing a native, hybrid, or web mobile app with ViziApps is free. Then, after an app is published, individual app creators or companies pay a monthly fee for ViziApps to maintain their app in the cloud. Subscription publishing pricing ranges from $29 to $149 per month, depending on the number of app pages and users.

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Can help publish? Price?:

$99 per app for help publishing in Apple App Store or Google Play

Simplicity level, 1-10 (1 = easy):



Reference cases/apps built by your “build your own apps” platform:

ViziApps has been used to build mobile apps in a wide range of industries for a variety of users. We can provide references in response to individual requests.

This donation app, for example, was created with ViziApps and can be used by non-profits, religious organizations, political campaigns and other groups to collect payments with mobile devices.

Possibility of profit for user? How?:

Yes, ViziApps is used to build business apps that can be marketed and sold to users through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Can you assist with marketing help? How?:

Yes, ViziApps can help with marketing in several ways. We showcase apps on our website and in our newsletter, our blog, and our webinars and customer presentations. In addition, we would consider doing a press release on a business app build with our tool and promoting the news to the media, as well as inviting a company to do other types of joint marketing.

Specific speciality? Games, Quiz, companies, etc?:

With ViziApps, app creators can quickly and inexpensively build mobile apps that access back-end data. For that reason, it is best suited for enterprises and small business that want to provide data-rich apps to their customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and others.

Possibility of percentage shares?

I.e lower pricing?: ViziApps has resellers under a revenue sharing model and is open to new partnerships that would involve special pricing agreements.

Can make custom made apps?:

ViziApps enables businesses to develop data-rich custom mobile apps without coding and easily brand them. Its highly intuitive visual approach eases the design and creation of mobile apps that can access data:

  • from Google Docs spreadsheets
  • from SQL databases
  • via web services

ViziApps allows apps to be further enhanced and customized with JavaScript, to make use of features such as the device accelerometer, camera and compass, as well as add other functionality.


If you’re looking for a low-cost way into do-it-yourself apps, the ViziApps tool is the place to start.

John Brandon, Inc. Magazine


Other notes? Worth mentioning?:

ViziApps offers Mobile App Development Services for organizations that prefer to entrust their app project to ViziApps experts. ViziApps also offers Training Services, which can be delivered on-site or online.

Why use your platform?

With ViziApps, enterprise business groups and IT organizations, small businesses, and individual app creators can easily build business apps for employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and others. Virtually anyone with basic computing skills can use ViziApps to build a custom, branded mobile business app.

Tips to future developers?

Focus on developing business apps. The need for apps that enhance user productivity and strengthen customer relationships is strong and will only contiue to grow. The ViziApps visual approach to building mobile business apps provides a way to meet that need quickly and at low cost. It also makes it very easy to update app features and push updates to users, at no cost.


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